Our philosophy

The Cierzo Premium team & its values

Our mission & our values

Cierzo Premium was born to provide a solution to a problem that concerns us all:
How to enjoy yourself in a healthy way?

Our mission is to offer the best in fruit sodas, in both content and container.
Cierzo Premium’s guiding principle is “A delicious drink, respectful of the body and the environment”.

Conscious that the world is constantly evolving, our Research & Development department is constantly monitoring the latest trends and innovations in the market. We want to be flexible and reactive, adapting both our product ranges and practices to remain forerunners and innovators in the food industry.

Year on year, we have been able to improve our products to meet consumer demands, while maintaining a high level of awareness around environmental issues.
Our beverages are for everyone, but young people in particular, who are big consumers of soda.

The origin of Cierzo Premium

Cierzo Premium - Ecologie et éthique - qui sommes nous

David and Kevin are two cousins, one living in Zaragoza, Spain, the other in Marseille, France. David has been an inventor ever since he was a child and is the brains behind the VisualCan brand, while Kevin is a sportsman and nature lover for whom the body’s health and well-being are inseparable from the mind.

After years of reflection, they came together with a common idea: to create a fun, healthy, thirst-quenching soft drink more in tune with today’s world. It all started with the observation that most soft drinks on the market are composed of synthetic ingredients and chemical sweeteners that are not well suited to a healthy balanced lifestyle, particularly for children who are a principal consumer.

Together, they decided to create Cierzo Premium: a soft drink with an uncompromising DNA. Just natural ingredients, spring water and a very low glycemic index with only the natural sugars from fruit.

The Cierzo revolution is underway!

Partnerships & Distribution

Many of us share common values on health and ecology and more and more companies are becoming sensitive to these issues as well. We are always on the lookout for partners and distributors with whom to share and promote our vision.

Cierzo Premium - partenaires ecologie et éthique
Become a distributor

Are you in charge of Purchasing for a procurement firm, a large retailer, or a physical or online store and want to distribute Cierzo Premium?
Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Become a partner

Whether you organize cultural events, sports or eSports events, or are simply a brand that shares our values, we will find a way to work together and help each other. Tell us about your project!