The new

Generation of soda

Respectful of the body & the enviornment

Respectful of the body
& the enviornment

Cierzo Premium soft drinks are characterized by their intense and natural fruit flavors, while adapting to the needs and diets of everyone.

Our brand is committed to its “Premium” label by banning refined sugar and aspartame, which are notoriously bad for your health.
We have chosen to use natural ingredients.

Fun & Healthy: Cierzo's magic recipe

Natural ingredients

Sugars directly from the fruit, Natural sweeteners (Stevia), Spring water, Vitamin C.

Intense & long-lasting flavors

Natural flavors, Taste rivalling the best sodas.

Low glycemic index

Very low in calories, Glycemic index equal to that of a banana.

A hygienic & eco-friendly can

Drink straight from the can, without worry
Its hygienic packaging is reassuring for consumers as it reduces the risk of bacterial or viral contact to almost zero. It allows you to drink from the can without worry or hesitation. COVID-19 has to keep up!
100% recyclable, better than a printed can

The aluminum can is not printed. It remains raw, wrapped in a very thin layer of recyclable plastic. These two materials are easily separable, for 100% recycling and a minimal impact on the environment.

VisualCan - Liderpack award 2019

Award for the best Beverage Packaging

VisualCan - Hispack award 2020

Award for Best packaging solution against COVID-19

VisualCan - WPO award 2020
WPO 2020

Award for the Packaging Excellence

Finally an innovative soda… Want to try it?

Fun, taste, health, environment… Why choose?

Discover our range of beverages, their ingredient lists, nutritional values, as well as how you can customize our cans.

An innovative concept, a virtuous philosophy

Our commitments:

From our cans to our recipes, we have made the ethical choice.
We offer our customers healthy beverages that are suitable for everyone, with a selection of ingredients that are transparently sourced, evolving in tune with the needs of both consumers and the market.

Cierzo Premium is a versatile solution for people who want to give meaning to what they eat, drink and buy, all without losing the fun and popular appeal of a soft drink.